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Package Version Description Repository 0.2.3 Webkit based webclient (relies on PyQT) archstrike
ghostpdl 9.27 An interpreter for the Postscript language and for PDF - GhostPCL (PCL-5, and PCL-XL), GhostXPS (XPS), GhostPDF and ghostscript archstrike
ghostpop3 0.1.0 A program that simulates an 'always no messages' POP3 server archstrike
gitminer-git 20180516.r44 Tool for advanced mining for content on Github archstrike
globalplatform 6.0.0 Global Platform libraries archstrike
goatrider-git 20181120.r6 simple tool for doing a comparison of IP addresses or hostnames to BDS Artillery Feeds, OTX, Alexa Top 1M, and TOR archstrike
gobuster 3.0.1 Directory/file & DNS busting tool written in Go archstrike
goldeneye-git r21.5a97622 Modular framework that takes advantage of poor upgrade implementations by injecting fake updates archstrike
goodork 2.2 A python script designed to allow you to leverage the power of google dorking straight from the comfort of your command line. archstrike
goofile 1.5 Command line filetype search archstrike
goog-mail 1.0 Enumerate domain emails from google. archstrike
google-coredumper 1.2.1 Library can be compiled into applications to create core dumps of the running program -- without terminating. archstrike-testing
google-explorer-git 20180415.r126 Google mass exploit robot in python archstrike
googlesub 1.3 A python script to find domains by using google dorks archstrike
gooscan 1.0.9 A tool that automates queries against Google search appliances, but with a twist. archstrike
gophish 0.8.0 Open-source phishing toolkit designed for businesses and penetration testers. It provides the ability to quickly and easily setup and execute phishing engagements and security awareness training. archstrike
gpshell 1.4.4 GlobalPlatform command shell archstrike
gr-gsm-git 20170923.r828 Gnuradio blocks and tools for receiving GSM transmissions archstrike-testing
grepforrfi 0.1 Simple script for parsing web logs for RFIs and Webshells v1.2 archstrike
grokevt 0.5.0 A collection of scripts built for reading Windows® NT/2K/XP/2K eventlog files. archstrike-testing
guymager 0.8.11 A forensic imager for media acquisition archstrike
gwt-toolset-git 20120831.r7.f27a5aa analyzes the obfuscated Javascript produced by Google Web Toolkit (GWT) applications in order to enumerate all services and method calls archstrike
hackersh 0.2.0 A shell for with Pythonect-like syntax, including wrappers for commonly used security tools archstrike
hack_library 1.0 A library needed by rtpmixsound and rtpinsertsound archstrike
haka 0.3.0 Collection of tools that allows capturing TCP/IP packets and filtering them based on Lua policy files archstrike
halberd 0.2.4 HTTP load balancer detector archstrike
hamster-git 20131120.r3 Tool for HTTP session sidejacking. archstrike-testing
hash-identifier 1.1 Identifies the different types of hashes used to encrypt data, especially passwords archstrike
hashdb 3.1.0 A block hash toolkit archstrike
hashdeep 4.4 Advanced checksum hashing tool archstrike
hasher-git r48.40173c5 A tool that allows you to quickly hash plaintext strings, or compare hashed values with a plaintext locally. archstrike
hashid-git r397.7e8473a dentify the different types of hashes used to encrypt data and especially passwords. archstrike
hashpump-git r49.314268e A tool to exploit the hash length extension attack in various hashing algorithms archstrike
hashtag-git r5.34ba672 A python script written to parse and identify password hashes. archstrike
hbad 1 Heartbleed client side test tool archstrike
hcraft 1.0.0 HTTP Vuln Request Crafter archstrike
hd2u 1.0.4 Dos2Unix text file converter archstrike
heartbleed-git 119.v0.2.0.r48.g4a3332c Test whether a host is vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack archstrike
hellcat-git r45.8873f05 netcat that takes unfair advantage of traffic shaping systems that don't initially ratelimit archstrike
hex2bin 2.5 Converts Motorola and Intel hex files to binary. archstrike
hexinject 1.6 A very versatile packet injector and sniffer that provides a command-line framework for raw network access archstrike
hodor 1.0 A MQTT client, that automatically subscribes to # archstrike
honeyd 1.6.7 A small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network. archstrike
honggfuzz 0.8 Security oriented fuzzer with powerful analysis options. Supports evolutionary, feedback-driven fuzzing based on code coverage archstrike-testing
hotpatch-git 20131202.r89.4b65e3f Hot patches executables on Linux using .so file injection archstrike
hpfeeds-git 20150522.r164 Honeynet Project generic authenticated datafeed protocol archstrike
hqlmap-git r38.bb6ab46 This project has been created to exploit HQL Injections archstrike
htshells-git 20180718.r87.fcdca17 Self contained web shells and other attacks via .htaccess files. archstrike
http-fuzz 20160523 A simple http fuzzer. archstrike
http-put 1.0 Simple http put perl script archstrike
httprint 301 A web server fingerprintinging tool. archstrike

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