ArchStrike Build Issues

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Package Name Repository Status i686 Status x86_64 Status ARMv6h Status ARMv7h Status AArch64
aiengine 2.1.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 2.1.0-1 x86_64: Done 2.1.0-1 armv6: Incomplete 2.0.1-2 armv7: Done 2.1.0-1 armv8: Done 2.1.0-1
airgeddon-git v11.02.r0.g9a12af4-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done v11.02.r0.g9a12af4-1 x86_64: Done v11.02.r0.g9a12af4-1 armv6: Incomplete v10.42.r0.g71a13d0-1 armv7: Done v11.02.r0.g9a12af4-1 armv8: Done v11.02.r0.g9a12af4-1
amass 3.19.3-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 3.19.3-1 x86_64: Fail 3.19.3-1
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Skip
angr 9.1.11752-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 9.1.11752-1 x86_64: Done 9.1.11752-1 armv6: Incomplete 9.0.8021-1 armv7: Fail 9.1.11752-1 armv8: Fail 9.1.11752-1
apache-tika 1.28.1-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.28.1-1 x86_64: Done 1.28.1-1 armv6: Incomplete 1.28-1 armv7: Done 1.28.1-1 armv8: Done 1.28.1-1
archstrike-installer 2.3.1-2 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 2.3.1-2 x86_64: Done 2.3.1-2 armv6: Done 2.3.1-2 armv7: Done 2.3.1-2 armv8: Done 2.3.1-2
archversion-envconfig-git 20210919.r102.2ec638e-2 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20210919.r102.2ec638e-2 x86_64: Done 20210919.r102.2ec638e-2
armv6: Incomplete
armv7: Done 20210919.r102.2ec638e-2 armv8: Done 20210919.r102.2ec638e-2
argus Repository: archstrike i686: Done x86_64: Done armv6: Incomplete armv7: Done armv8: Done
arpalert 2.0.12-4 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 2.0.12-4 x86_64: Fail 2.0.12-4 armv6: Done 2.0.12-4 armv7: Done 2.0.12-4 armv8: Done 2.0.12-4
backdoor-factory-git 0.r204.d8fd544-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.r204.d8fd544-1 x86_64: Done 0.r204.d8fd544-1 armv6: Done 0.r204.d8fd544-1 armv7: Done 0.r204.d8fd544-1 armv8: Fail 0.r204.d8fd544-1
batman-alfred 2022.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 2022.0-1 x86_64: Done 2022.0-1 armv6: Incomplete 2021.4-1 armv7: Done 2022.0-1 armv8: Done 2022.0-1
burpsuite 2022.6.1-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 2022.6.1-1 x86_64: Done 2022.6.1-1 armv6: Incomplete 2021.10.3-1 armv7: Incomplete 2022.3.6-1 armv8: Incomplete 2022.3.6-1
chisel 1.7.7-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.7.7-1 x86_64: Done 1.7.7-1 armv6: Incomplete 1.7.6-1 armv7: Done 1.7.7-1 armv8: Done 1.7.7-1
cjdns-git 21.2.r178.g03c61dc8-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 21.2.r178.g03c61dc8-1 x86_64: Done 21.2.r178.g03c61dc8-1 armv6: Incomplete 21.r12.g6156b08b-1 armv7: Fail 21.2.r178.g03c61dc8-1 armv8: Done 21.2.r178.g03c61dc8-1
cmospwd 5.0-3 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 5.0-3 x86_64: Done 5.0-3 armv6: Fail 5.0-3 armv7: Fail 5.0-3 armv8: Fail 5.0-3
commix-git 20220703.r1848-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20220703.r1848-1 x86_64: Done 20220703.r1848-1 armv6: Incomplete 20211004.r1669-1 armv7: Done 20220703.r1848-1 armv8: Done 20220703.r1848-1
crackmapexec 5.1.1dev-3 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 5.1.1dev-3 x86_64: Done 5.1.1dev-3 armv6: Fail 5.1.1dev-3 armv7: Fail 5.1.1dev-3 armv8: Done 5.1.1dev-3
cymothoa 1-3 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1-3 x86_64: Done 1-3
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Fail 1-3
dirsearch 0.4.2-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 0.4.2-1 x86_64: Done 0.4.2-1 armv6: Fail 0.4.2-1 armv7: Fail 0.4.2-1 armv8: Done 0.4.2-1
dnsrecon 1.1.2-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.1.2-1 x86_64: Done 1.1.2-1 armv6: Incomplete 0.9.1-2 armv7: Done 1.1.2-1 armv8: Done 1.1.2-1
enum4linux-ng-git 20220707.r366-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20220707.r366-1 x86_64: Done 20220707.r366-1 armv6: Incomplete 20210929.r324-1 armv7: Done 20220707.r366-1 armv8: Done 20220707.r366-1
evil-winrm 3.4-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 3.4-1 x86_64: Done 3.4-1 armv6: Incomplete 3.3-1 armv7: Done 3.4-1 armv8: Done 3.4-1
evilgrade-git r39.e1af9ce-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail r39.e1af9ce-1 x86_64: Done r39.e1af9ce-1 armv6: Done r39.e1af9ce-1 armv7: Done r39.e1af9ce-1 armv8: Done r39.e1af9ce-1
exabgp 4.2.17-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 4.2.17-1 x86_64: Done 4.2.17-1 armv6: Incomplete 4.2.16-1 armv7: Done 4.2.17-1 armv8: Done 4.2.17-1
ffuf 1.4.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.4.0-1 x86_64: Done 1.4.0-1 armv6: Incomplete 1.3.1-1 armv7: Done 1.4.0-1 armv8: Done 1.4.0-1
frida-tools 10.6.2-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 10.6.2-1 x86_64: Done 10.6.2-1
armv6: Incomplete
armv7: Incomplete
armv8: Incomplete
gef-git r2245.d1fa00f-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done r2245.d1fa00f-1 x86_64: Done r2245.d1fa00f-1 armv6: Incomplete r2158.d98ffb7-1 armv7: Done r2245.d1fa00f-1 armv8: Done r2245.d1fa00f-1
google-explorer-git 20181201.r140-2 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20181201.r140-2 x86_64: Done 20181201.r140-2 armv6: Fail 20181201.r140-2 armv7: Done 20181201.r140-2 armv8: Done 20181201.r140-2
gowitness-git 20210807.r190-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 20210807.r190-1 x86_64: Done 20210807.r190-1 armv6: Fail 20210807.r190-1 armv7: Done 20210807.r190-1 armv8: Fail 20210807.r190-1
hotpatch-git 20200110.r90.fd2baf1-2 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 20200110.r90.fd2baf1-2 x86_64: Done 20200110.r90.fd2baf1-2 armv6: Fail 20200110.r90.fd2baf1-2 armv7: Fail 20200110.r90.fd2baf1-2 armv8: Fail 20200110.r90.fd2baf1-2
johnny 2.2-5 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 2.2-5 x86_64: Done 2.2-5
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Fail 2.2-5
libhtp 0.5.40-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.5.40-1 x86_64: Done 0.5.40-1 armv6: Incomplete 0.5.32-2 armv7: Fail 0.5.40-1 armv8: Done 0.5.40-1
mbox-git 20140526.r274.a131424-3 Repository: archstrike
i686: Skip
x86_64: Done 20140526.r274.a131424-3
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Fail 20140526.r274.a131424-3
meltdown-git 20191026.r84-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 20191026.r84-1 x86_64: Done 20191026.r84-1
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Skip
metasploit-framework 6.0.41-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 6.0.41-1 x86_64: Fail 6.0.41-1 armv6: Fail 6.0.41-1 armv7: Fail 6.0.41-1 armv8: Fail 6.0.41-1
mfcuk 0.3.8-6 Repository: archstrike i686: Incomplete 0.3.8-5 x86_64: Incomplete 0.3.8-5 armv6: Incomplete 0.3.8-5 armv7: Incomplete 0.3.8-5 armv8: Incomplete 0.3.8-5
mylg 0.2.6-2 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.2.6-2 x86_64: Done 0.2.6-2 armv6: Done 0.2.6-2 armv7: Done 0.2.6-2 armv8: Fail 0.2.6-2
nassl 4.0.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 4.0.0-1 x86_64: Done 4.0.0-1
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Skip
nbnspoof 1.0-4 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 1.0-4 x86_64: Done 1.0-4 armv6: Done 1.0-4 armv7: Done 1.0-4 armv8: Done 1.0-4
ncp 1.2.4-10 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.2.4-10 x86_64: Done 1.2.4-10 armv6: Done 1.2.4-10 armv7: Done 1.2.4-10
armv8: Incomplete
objection 1.11.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.11.0-1 x86_64: Done 1.11.0-1
armv6: Incomplete
armv7: Incomplete
armv8: Incomplete
operative-framework 1.1-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.1-1 x86_64: Done 1.1-1 armv6: Fail 1.1-1 armv7: Fail 1.1-1 armv8: Fail 1.1-1
pdf-parser 0.7.6-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.7.6-1 x86_64: Done 0.7.6-1 armv6: Incomplete 0.7.5-1 armv7: Done 0.7.6-1 armv8: Done 0.7.6-1
pwndbg-git 20220124.r1016-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20220124.r1016-1 x86_64: Done 20220124.r1016-1 armv6: Incomplete 20210804.r929-1 armv7: Done 20220124.r1016-1 armv8: Done 20220124.r1016-1
pylnk3 0.4.2-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 0.4.2-1 x86_64: Done 0.4.2-1 armv6: Done 0.4.2-1 armv7: Done 0.4.2-1 armv8: Done 0.4.2-1
python-aiomultiprocess 0.9.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.9.0-1 x86_64: Done 0.9.0-1 armv6: Incomplete 0.8.0-3 armv7: Done 0.9.0-1 armv8: Done 0.9.0-1
python-async 0.6.2-6 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 0.6.2-6 x86_64: Done 0.6.2-6 armv6: Done 0.6.2-6 armv7: Done 0.6.2-6 armv8: Done 0.6.2-6
python-bandicoot 0.6.0-3 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 0.6.0-3 x86_64: Done 0.6.0-3 armv6: Done 0.6.0-3 armv7: Done 0.6.0-3 armv8: Done 0.6.0-3
python-maryam-git 20210811.r787-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20210811.r787-1 x86_64: Done 20210811.r787-1 armv6: Fail 20210811.r787-1 armv7: Fail 20210811.r787-1 armv8: Done 20210811.r787-1
python-pyodbc 4.0.34-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 4.0.34-1 x86_64: Done 4.0.34-1
armv6: Incomplete
armv7: Done 4.0.34-1 armv8: Done 4.0.34-1
python-pyric Repository: archstrike i686: Done x86_64: Done armv6: Incomplete armv7: Done armv8: Done
python-pyvex 9.1.11752-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 9.1.11752-1 x86_64: Done 9.1.11752-1 armv6: Incomplete 9.0.8021-1 armv7: Done 9.1.11752-1 armv8: Done 9.1.11752-1
python-roguehostapd-git 1.0.r45.g381b373-3 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.0.r45.g381b373-3 x86_64: Done 1.0.r45.g381b373-3 armv6: Incomplete 1.0.r45.g381b373-2 armv7: Done 1.0.r45.g381b373-3 armv8: Done 1.0.r45.g381b373-3
python-selenium 4.3.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 4.3.0-1 x86_64: Done 4.3.0-1
armv6: Incomplete
armv7: Done 4.3.0-1 armv8: Done 4.3.0-1
python-trio-websocket 0.9.2-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.9.2-1 x86_64: Done 0.9.2-1
armv6: Incomplete
armv7: Done 0.9.2-1 armv8: Done 0.9.2-1
reaver-wps-fork-t6x-git 1.6.6.r19.gdb98ba5-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.6.6.r19.gdb98ba5-1 x86_64: Done 1.6.6.r19.gdb98ba5-1 armv6: Incomplete 1.6.6.r9.gd6c931c-1 armv7: Done 1.6.6.r19.gdb98ba5-1 armv8: Done 1.6.6.r19.gdb98ba5-1
recon-ng-git 20210824.r1021-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20210824.r1021-1 x86_64: Done 20210824.r1021-1 armv6: Incomplete 20200623.r1017-2 armv7: Done 20210824.r1021-1 armv8: Done 20210824.r1021-1
rr-git 20210901.r5691-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Incomplete 20210814.r5686-1 x86_64: Incomplete 20210814.r5686-1
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Skip
rtlamr-git 384.v0.9.3.r13.g28f3f2c0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 384.v0.9.3.r13.g28f3f2c0-1 x86_64: Done 384.v0.9.3.r13.g28f3f2c0-1 armv6: Incomplete 365.v0.9.1.r12.gf28675b9-1 armv7: Done 384.v0.9.3.r13.g28f3f2c0-1 armv8: Done 384.v0.9.3.r13.g28f3f2c0-1
ruby-spider 0.5.4-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.5.4-1 x86_64: Done 0.5.4-1 armv6: Fail 0.5.4-1 armv7: Fail 0.5.4-1 armv8: Done 0.5.4-1
sagan 1.2.2-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 1.2.2-1 x86_64: Done 1.2.2-1 armv6: Fail 1.2.2-1 armv7: Done 1.2.2-1 armv8: Done 1.2.2-1
seclists-git r1346.4eb2868-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done r1346.4eb2868-1 x86_64: Done r1346.4eb2868-1 armv6: Incomplete r1200.cb81804-1 armv7: Done r1346.4eb2868-1 armv8: Done r1346.4eb2868-1
set-git 8.0.3.r91.g3611133a5-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 8.0.3.r91.g3611133a5-1 x86_64: Done 8.0.3.r91.g3611133a5-1 armv6: Incomplete 8.0.3.r82.g80fe70d70-2 armv7: Done 8.0.3.r91.g3611133a5-1 armv8: Done 8.0.3.r91.g3611133a5-1
sslyze 5.0.2-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Incomplete 4.1.0-1 x86_64: Done 5.0.2-1
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Skip
statsprocessor 0.11-3 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.11-3 x86_64: Done 0.11-3
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Fail 0.11-3
suricata 6.0.5-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 6.0.5-1 x86_64: Done 6.0.5-1 armv6: Incomplete 6.0.4-1 armv7: Incomplete 6.0.4-1 armv8: Done 6.0.5-1
sysinternals-suite 20220719-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20220719-1 x86_64: Done 20220719-1 armv6: Incomplete 20210922-1 armv7: Done 20220719-1 armv8: Done 20220719-1
theharvester-git 20220812.r2921-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20220812.r2921-1 x86_64: Done 20220812.r2921-1 armv6: Incomplete 20211011.r2511-1 armv7: Incomplete 20220602.r2828-1 armv8: Incomplete 20220602.r2828-1
truecrack-git 20150326.r64-2 Repository: archstrike
i686: Skip
x86_64: Done 20150326.r64-2
armv6: Skip
armv7: Skip
armv8: Fail 20150326.r64-2
tuxcut 6.1-3 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 6.1-3 x86_64: Done 6.1-3 armv6: Incomplete 6.1-3 armv7: Incomplete 6.1-3 armv8: Done 6.1-3
videosnarf 0.63-2 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.63-2 x86_64: Done 0.63-2 armv6: Fail 0.63-2 armv7: Fail 0.63-2 armv8: Fail 0.63-2
wapiti 3.1.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 3.1.0-1 x86_64: Done 3.1.0-1 armv6: Incomplete 3.0.8-1 armv7: Done 3.1.0-1 armv8: Done 3.1.0-1
wifiphisher-git 20220517.r795-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20220517.r795-1 x86_64: Done 20220517.r795-1 armv6: Incomplete 20210421.r789-1 armv7: Done 20220517.r795-1 armv8: Done 20220517.r795-1
x3270 3.6ga6-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 3.6ga6-1 x86_64: Done 3.6ga6-1 armv6: Done 3.6ga6-1 armv7: Done 3.6ga6-1 armv8: Fail 3.6ga6-1
xprobe2 0.3-4 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.3-4 x86_64: Done 0.3-4 armv6: Done 0.3-4 armv7: Fail 0.3-4 armv8: Fail 0.3-4
xspy 1.0c-4 Repository: archstrike i686: Fail 1.0c-4 x86_64: Fail 1.0c-4 armv6: Done 1.0c-4 armv7: Done 1.0c-4 armv8: Done 1.0c-4
yararules-git 20211118.r1786-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 20211118.r1786-1 x86_64: Done 20211118.r1786-1 armv6: Incomplete 20210805.r1778-1 armv7: Done 20211118.r1786-1 armv8: Done 20211118.r1786-1
yersinia 0.8.2-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 0.8.2-1 x86_64: Done 0.8.2-1 armv6: Done 0.8.2-1 armv7: Done 0.8.2-1 armv8: Fail 0.8.2-1
zulucrypt 6.1.0-1 Repository: archstrike i686: Done 6.1.0-1 x86_64: Done 6.1.0-1 armv6: Incomplete 6.0.0-1 armv7: Done 6.1.0-1 armv8: Done 6.1.0-1