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Package Version Description Repository
perl-cisco-copyconfig 1.4 IOS running-config manipulation archstrike
perl-class-errorhandler 0.04 Base class for error handling archstrike
perl-class-gomor 1.03 Another class and object builder archstrike
perl-class-loader 2.03 Loads modules and creates objects on demand archstrike
perl-convert-ascii-armour 1.4 Converts binary octets into ASCII armoured messages archstrike
perl-convert-pem 0.08 Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files archstrike
perl-crypt-des_ede3 0.01 Perl module for triple-DES EDE encryption/decryption archstrike
perl-crypt-dh 0.07 Perl/CPAN Module Crypt::DH: Diffie-Hellman key exchange system archstrike
perl-crypt-dsa 1.17 DSA Signatures and Key Generation archstrike
perl-crypt-idea 1.10 Perl interface to IDEA block cipher archstrike
perl-crypt-primes 0.50 Provable Prime Number Generator suitable for Cryptographic Applications archstrike
perl-crypt-random 1.52 Cryptographically Secure, True Random Number Generator archstrike
perl-crypt-random-seed 0.03 Simple method to get strong randomness. archstrike
perl-crypt-random-tesha2 0.01 Random numbers using timer/schedule entropy. archstrike
perl-crypt-rsa 1.99 RSA public-key cryptographysystem. archstrike
perl-crypt-x 0.068 Cryptographically secure random number generator archstrike
perl-data-buffer 0.04 Read/write buffer class archstrike
perl-devel-overloadinfo 0.005 introspect overloaded operators archstrike
perl-digest-crc 0.22.2 Generic interface to CRC algorithms archstrike
perl-digest-md2 2.04 Perl interface to the MD2 Algorithm archstrike
perl-digest-md4 1.9 Digest::MD4::Perl - Perl interface to the MD4 Algorithm archstrike
perl-digest-perl-md5 1.9 Perl implementation of Ron Rivests MD5 Algorithm archstrike
perl-expect 1.35 Automate interactions with command line programs that expose a text terminal interface. archstrike
perl-geography-countries 2009041301 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries. archstrike
perl-html-linkextractor 0.13 Extract links from an HTML document archstrike
perl-html-tagparser 0.20 Yet another HTML document parser with DOM-like methods archstrike
perl-http-dav 0.49 A client module for the WebDAV protocol archstrike
perl-io-socket 1.39 IO::Socket - Object interface to socket communications for perl archstrike
perl-io-socket-ip 0.39 Family-neutral IP socket supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 archstrike
perl-io-socket-socks 0.74 Provides a way to create socks client or server both 4 and 5 version archstrike
perl-ip-country 2.28 fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses archstrike
perl-iptables-parse 1.6.1 IPTables::Parse - Perl extension for parsing iptables and ip6tables firewall rulesets archstrike
perl-libwhisker2 2.5 A full-featured Perl library used for HTTP-related functions, including vulnerability scanning and exploit archstrike
perl-linux-desktopfiles 0.25 Perl module to get and parse the Linux .desktop files archstrike
perl-lwp-protocol-socks 1.7 Adds support for the socks protocol and proxy facility archstrike
perl-math-bigint-gmp 1.6007 Big integer calculations using the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library. archstrike
perl-math-gmp 2.19 High speed arbitrary size integer math archstrike
perl-math-pari 2.030518 Perl interface to PARI archstrike
perl-modern-perl 1.20200211 enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one command archstrike
perl-moose 2.2012 A postmodern object system for Perl 5 archstrike
perl-net-cidr 0.20 Manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation archstrike
perl-net-frame 1.21 The base framework for frame crafting. archstrike
perl-net-frame-device 1.12 Get network device information and gateway. archstrike
perl-net-frame-dump 1.18 Base-class for a tcpdump like implementation. archstrike
perl-net-frame-layer-icmp6 1.11 Internet Control Message Protocol v6 layer object. archstrike
perl-net-frame-layer-ipv6 1.08 Internet Protocol v6 layer object. archstrike
perl-net-frame-layer-sinfp3 1.01 Frame crafting made easy. archstrike
perl-net-frame-simple 1.09 Frame crafting made easy. archstrike
perl-net-libdnet 0.99 Binding for Dug Song's libdnet archstrike
perl-net-libdnet6 0.28 Adds IPv6 support to Net::Libdnet. archstrike
perl-net-netmask 1.9104 Parse, manipulate and lookup IP network blocks. archstrike

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