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csrftester 1.0 The OWASP CSRFTester Project attempts to give developers the ability to test their applications for CSRF flaws. archstrike
ctunnel 0.7 Tunnel and/or proxy TCP or UDP connections via a cryptographygraphic tunnel compiled with Openssl. archstrike
cuckoo A malware analysis system archstrike
cupp-git 20190328.r62 Common User Password Profiler archstrike
cymothoa 1 A stealth backdooring tool, that inject backdoor's shellcode into an existing process. archstrike
damm-git 20170416.r32 Differential Analysis of Malware in Memory archstrike
darkjumper 5.8 This tool will try to find every website that host at the same server at your target archstrike
darm-git 416.cadffa7 An ARMv7 disassembling library written in C. archstrike
dashcam 0.1.1 C/Python dashcam built with Gstreamer for Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone Black archstrike-testing
davoset 1.3.7 A tool for using Abuse of Functionality and XML External Entities vulnerabilities on some websites to attack other websites archstrike
davtest 1.0 Tests WebDAV enabled servers by uploading test executable files, and then (optionally) uploading files which allow for command execution or other actions directly on the target archstrike
dbd 1.50 A Netcat-clone, designed to be portable and offer strong encryption. It runs on Unix-like operating systems and on Microsoft Win32. archstrike
dbpwaudit 0.8 A Java tool that allows you to perform online audits of password quality for several database engines archstrike
dc3dd 7.2.646 A patched version of dd that includes a number of features useful for computer forensics archstrike
ddrutility 2.8 Set of utilities for use with GNU ddrescue to aid with data recovery archstrike
deblaze-git 20101207.r1 A remote method enumeration tool for flex servers archstrike
deen 1.7.1 Generic data encoding/decoding application built with PyQt5 archstrike
delldrac 0.1 Rid_enum is a null session RID cycle attack for brute forcing domain controllers. archstrike
delta-git 20160608.r5 Track the changes of a website archstrike
depdep 2.0 A merciless sentinel which will seek sensitive files containing critical info leaking through your network archstrike
derrick 0.3 Simple tool for recording data streams of TCP and UDP traffic. archstrike
detectsniffer-git 20180327.r151 Tool that detects sniffers in the network archstrike
device-pharmer-git r37.e0e6281 Opens 1K+ IPs or Shodan search results and attempts to login archstrike
dex2jar 2.0 A tool for converting Android's .dex format to Java's .class format archstrike
dff-scanner 1.1 Tool for finding path of predictable resource locations. archstrike
dfvfs 20190421 A tool that provides read-only access to file-system objects from various storage media types and file formats. archstrike-testing
dhcdrop 0.5 Remove illegal dhcp servers with IP-pool underflow. Stable version archstrike
dhcpig-git r92.9fd8df5 Enumerates hosts, subdomains, and emails from a given domain using google archstrike
dinouml 0.9.5 A network simulation tool, based on UML (User Mode Linux) that can simulate big Linux networks on a single PC archstrike
dirb 2.22 A web content scanner, brute forceing for hidden files archstrike
dirbuster 1.0_RC1 An application designed to brute force directories and files names on web/application servers archstrike
dirsearch 0.3.8 A HTTP(S) directory/file brute forcer archstrike
dislocker 0.7.1 Read BitLocker encrypted volumes under Linux archstrike
dmitry 1.3a Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool with the ability to gather as much information as possible about a host archstrike
dnmap 0.6 The distributed nmap framwork archstrike
dns-spoof-git r12.3918a10 DNS Spoof archstrike
dns2tcp 0.5.2 A tool for relaying TCP connections over DNS archstrike
dnsa 0.5 DNSA is a dns security swiss army knife archstrike
dnsbf-git 20160116.r7 Search for available domain names in an IP range archstrike
dnsbrute-git 0.r2.b1dc84a Multi theaded DNS bruteforcing archstrike
dnschef 0.3 A highly configurable DNS proxy for pentesters archstrike
dnsenum Perl script that enumerates DNS information from a domain, attempts zone transfers, performs a brute force dictionary style attack, and then performs reverse look-ups on the results archstrike
dnsmap 0.30 Passive DNS network mapper archstrike
dnspredict 0.0.2 DNS prediction archstrike
dnsrecon 0.8.9 DNS Enumeration Script archstrike
dnswalk 2.0.2 A DNS debugging archstrike
domainanalyzer 0.8.1 A security analysis tool which automatically discovers and reports information about the given domain archstrike
doona-git r142.710584f A fork of the Bruteforce Exploit Detector Tool (BED). archstrike
dotdotpwn 3.0.2 The Transversal Directory Fuzzer archstrike
dpeparser 20160517 Default password enumeration project archstrike

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