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3proxy 0.9.4 Tiny free proxy server archstrike
acccheck 0.2.1 A password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol. archstrike
ace 1.10 Automated Corporate Enumerator. A simple yet powerful VoIP Corporate Directory enumeration tool that mimics the behavior of an IP Phone in order to download the name and extension entries that a given phone can display on its screen interface archstrike
aespipe 2.4f Reads data from stdin and outputs encrypted or decrypted results to stdout archstrike
afflib 3.7.19 An extensible open format for the storage of disk images and related forensic information archstrike
aiengine 2.1.0 A packet inspection engine with capabilities of learning without any human intervention. archstrike
air 2.0.0 A GUI front-end to dd/dc3dd designed for easily creating forensic images. archstrike
airgeddon-git v11.22.r0.gfe2c42b Multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks. archstrike
airoscript-git 45.0a122ee Script to simplify the use of aircrack-ng tools archstrike
amap 5.4 Next-generation tool for assisting network penetration testing. archstrike
amass 4.2.0 tool to help information security professionals perform network mapping of attack surfaces and perform external asset discovery archstrike
androguard 3.4.0a1 Python framework for Android application analysis. archstrike
angr 9.1.11752 The next-generation binary analysis platform from UC Santa Barbara's Seclab! archstrike
apache-tika 1.28.1 Toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and structured text content archstrike
archinstall-git 20211128.r2628 Just another guided/automated Arch Linux installer with a twist archstrike
archstrike-i3-config 1.2 i3wm configs for ArchStrike archstrike
archstrike-installer 2.3.1 Full ArchStike installer for the ArchStrike live environment archstrike
archstrike-keyring 20200930 ArchStrike PGP keyring archstrike
archstrike-menu 1.2 ArchStrike menu for XFCE archstrike
archstrike-mirrorlist 20200110 ArchStrike mirror list for use by pacman archstrike
archstrike-openbox-config 1.1 ArchStrike config files for OpenBox archstrike
archstrike-wallpapers 20171113.r18 Wallpapers for ArchStrike archstrike
archstrike-xfce-config 1.2 ArchStrike config files for Xfce archstrike
archversion-envconfig-git 20210919.r102.2ec638e Archlinux Version Controller (Git version patched for runtime config using environment variables) archstrike
argus Network monitoring tool with flow control archstrike
armitage 1.0.0 A graphical cyber attack management tool for Metasploit archstrike
arpalert 2.0.12 Monitor ARP changes in ethernet networks. archstrike
arpoison 0.7 The UNIX arp cache update utility archstrike
asleap 2.2 Actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords. archstrike
asp-audit 2.2 ASP fingerprintinging tool and vulnerability scanner archstrike
auto-xor-decryptographyr-git 7.2eb176d Automatic XOR decryptographyr tool. archstrike
autopsy 4.18.0 A GUI for The Sleuth Kit. archstrike
batman-alfred 2022.0 Almighty Lightweight Fact Remote Exchange Daemon archstrike
bed 0.5 Collection of scripts to test for buffer overflows, format string vulnerabilities. archstrike
beef-git 20240130.r4314 Pentesting framework that focuses on web-browser exploitation archstrike
beleth-git 0.r36.0963699 A Multi-threaded Dictionary based SSH cracker archstrike
bfbtester 2.0.1 Performs checks of single and multiple argument command line overflows and environment variable overflows archstrike
bindead-git 20151012.r4504.67019b97b A static analysis tool for binaries archstrike
bing-ip2hosts 1.0.5 Enumerates all hostnames which Bing has indexed for a specific IP address. archstrike
bittwist 2.0 Bit-Twist is a simple yet powerful libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator. It is designed to complement tcpdump, which by itself has done a great job at capturing network traffic. archstrike
bkhive 1.1.1 Program for dumping the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP system hive archstrike
bletchley 0.0.1 A collection of practical application cryptanalyze tools. archstrike
blindsql 1.0 Set of bash scripts for blind SQL injection attacks archstrike
blueprint 0.1_3 A perl tool to identify Bluetooth devices. archstrike
bluesnarfer 0.1 A bluetooth attacking tool archstrike
bmap-tools 3.7 Tool for copying largely sparse files using information from a block map file archstrike
boost-bloom-filters-git 20130409.r190 A collection of generic, C++ Bloom Filter classes developed for the Boost C++ Libraries. archstrike
box-js 1.9.7 A tool for studying JavaScript malware. archstrike
braa 0.82 A mass snmp scanner archstrike
brut3k1t-git 20210609.r104 Brute-force attack that supports multiple protocols and services archstrike

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