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ruby-zip 2.0.2 zip is a Ruby library for reading and writing Zip files archstrike
ruler-git 20210219.r301 A tool that allows you to interact with Exchange servers through the MAPI/HTTP protocol. archstrike
safecopy 1.7 A disk data recovery tool to extract data from damaged media archstrike
sagan 1.2.2 a snort-like log analysis engine archstrike
sagan-rules 20210208 Rules package for Sagan archstrike
salsapipe-git 20150727.r26.6d81ace Encrypted network tunneling using salsa20 from libnettle and GPG from libgpgme archstrike
samhain 4.4.6 File integrity / intrusion detection system archstrike
sasm 3.12.1 A simple crossplatform IDE for NASM, MASM, GAS and FASM assembly languages archstrike
sasquatch-git 20210324.r60 Tools for squashfs, a highly compressed read-only filesystem for Linux. archstrike
sbd 1.36 Netcat-clone, portable, offers strong encryption - features AES-128-CBC + HMAC-SHA1 encryption, program execution (-e), choosing source port, continuous reconnaissancenection with delay + more archstrike
scalpel 2.0 A frugal, high performance file carver archstrike
scannerl-git 20180806.r76 The modular distributed fingerprinting engine archstrike
scansploit-git 20160415.r9 An Exploit using barcodes, QRcodes, earn13, datamatrix archstrike
scanssh 2.1.2 Fast SSH server and open proxy scanner. archstrike
scrape-dns-git r58.3df392f Searches for interesting cached DNS entries. archstrike
scrounge-ntfs 0.9 Data recovery program for NTFS file systems archstrike
sdrangelove-git 20180313.r175 A project that allows you to control all the process inside a GNSS receiver, from the raw bits at the output of an analog-to-digital converter to the computation of the navigation solution, that is, obtaining receiver's position and time archstrike
sec 2.9.0 A logfile monitoring tool with support for event correlation, written in perl archstrike
seclists-git r1640.395c945 A collection of multiple types of lists used during security assessments. List types include usernames, passwords, URLs, sensitive data grep strings, fuzzing payloads, and many more. archstrike
secure-delete 3.1 Secure file, disk, swap, memory erasure toolkit archstrike
see-surf-git 20210115.r89.55353dd A Python based scanner to find potential SSRF parameters in a web application. archstrike
sessionlist 1.0 Sniffer that intents to sniff HTTP packets and attempts to reconnaissancestruct interesting authentication data from websites that do not employ proper secure cookie auth. archstrike
set-git 8.0.3.r91.g3611133a5 Social-engineer toolkit. Aimed at penetration testing around Social-Engineering archstrike
shard 1.5 A command line tool to detect shared passwords archstrike
sidguesser 1.0.5 Guesses sids/instances against an Oracle database according to a predefined dictionary file. archstrike
silk 3.19.1 CERT netflow tools. archstrike
simple-ducky-git 20130909.r20 A payload generator archstrike
sipp 3.6.0 A free Open Source test tool / traffic generator for the SIP protocol. archstrike
sipsak 0.9.7 A small command line tool for developers and administrators of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications. archstrike
sleuthkit-java 4.6.6 Java dependencies for The Sleuth Kit. archstrike
slowloris 0.7 A tool which is written in perl to test http-server vulnerabilites for connection exhaustion denial of service (DoS) attacks so you can enhance the security of your webserver. archstrike
slowloris6 0.7.1 IPv6 version - Slowloris HTTP DoS is a tool which is written in perl to test http-server vulnerabilites for connection exhaustion denial of service (DoS) attacks so you can enhance the security of your webserver. archstrike
smbmap-git 20231101.r166 A handy SMB enumeration tool archstrike
smtp-user-enum 1.2 Username guessing tool primarily for use against the default Solaris SMTP service. Can use either EXPN, VRFY or RCPT TO. archstrike
smtpscan 0.5 A tool to guess which MTA is used by sending several special SMTP requests and by comparing error codes archstrike
snarf-git 20161006.r41 man-in-the-middle / relay suite archstrike
sniffles 3.4.3 A Packet Capture Generator for IDS and Regular Expression Evaluation archstrike
snmpcheck 1.8 A free open source utility to get information via SNMP protocols. archstrike
snmpenum 1.7 An snmp enumerator. archstrike
snmpscan 0.1 A free, multi-processes SNMP scanner archstrike
snort 2.9.20 A lightweight network intrusion detection system. archstrike
snow 20130616 Steganography program for concealing messages in text files archstrike
spectools 2016_01_R1 Spectrum-Tools is a set of utilities for using the Wi-Spy USB spectrum analyzer hardware. Stable version. archstrike
spooftooph 0.5.2 Designed to automate spoofing or cloning Bluetooth device Name, Class, and Address. Cloning this information effectively allows Bluetooth device to hide in plain sight archstrike
sps 4.3 A Linux packet crafting tool. Supports IPv4, IPv6 including extension headers, and tunneling IPv6 over IPv4. archstrike
sqlninja 0.2.999 A tool targeted to exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities on a web application that uses Microsoft SQL Server as its back-end archstrike
sqlpat 1.0.1 This tool should be used to audit the strength of Microsoft SQL Server passwords offline. archstrike
squashfuse-git 20210403.r406 FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives archstrike
ssldump-git 20201014.r186 an SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer archstrike
ssllabs-scan 1.5.0 Test whether a host is vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack archstrike
sslyze 5.0.2 Python tool for analyzing the configuration of SSL servers and for identifying misconfigurations archstrike

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