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Package Version Description Repository
nassl 2.2.0 Experimental Python wrapper for OpenSSL archstrike
nbnspoof 1.0 NetBIOS Name Service Spoofer archstrike
nbtool-git 20140415.r2 Some tools for NetBIOS and DNS investigation, attacks, and communication. archstrike
ncp 1.2.4 A fast file copy tool for LANs archstrike
ncpfs 2.2.6 Allows you to mount volumes of NetWare servers under Linux. archstrike-testing
neighbor-cache-fingerprinter-git r83.f1e596f A mechanism for remote operating system detection by extrapolating characteristics of the target system's underlying Neighbor Cache and general ARP behavior. archstrike-testing
nessus-report-git r13.b5015a1 Automatically parse and tabulate Nessus findings into OpenDocument tables archstrike
net-creds-git 20180807.r84 Sniffs sensitive data from interface or pcap archstrike
netcommander-git 20111208.r21 An easy-to-use arp spoofing tool archstrike
netdiscover 0.5.1 An active/passive address reconnaissancenaissance tool, mainly developed for those wireless networks without dhcp server, when you are wardriving. It can be also used on hub/switched networks. archstrike
netmap 0.1.3 Netmap can be used to make a graphical representation of the surounding network. archstrike
netmask 2.4.3 Helps determine network masks archstrike
netsed 1.3 Small and handful utility design to alter the contents of packets forwarded thru network in real time. archstrike-testing
netzob 1.0.2 An opensource tool which supports the expert in its operations of reverse engineering, evaluation and simulation of communication protocols. archstrike
nfdump 1.6.13 A set of tools to collect and process netflow data. archstrike
nfspy 1.0 A Python library for automating the falsification of NFS credentials when mounting an NFS share archstrike
nield 0.6.1 A tool to receive notifications from kernel through netlink socket, and generate logs related to interfaces, neighbor cache(ARP,NDP), IP address(IPv4,IPv6), routing, FIB rules, traffic control. archstrike
nightfall 1.1 Cjdns inet auto-peering tracker archstrike
nimbostratus-git 20140204.r54.c7c206f Tools for fingerprintinging and exploiting Amazon cloud infrastructures archstrike
nipper 0.11.7 Network Infrastructure Parser archstrike
nishang 0.7.6 A PowerShell framework and collection of scripts and payloads for offensive security and pentesting archstrike
nkiller2 2.0 A TCP exhaustion/stressing tool. archstrike
nmbscan 1.2.6 Tool to scan the shares of a SMB/NetBIOS network, using the NMB/SMB/NetBIOS protocols. archstrike
node-ar-drone-git v0.3.3.2.g228bd45 A node.js client for controlling Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quad-copters archstrike-testing
node-mkdirp 0.5.1 Recursively mkdir, like mkdir -p, but in node.js archstrike-testing
nomorexor-git 20130122.r1.d723edb Tool to help guess a files 256 byte XOR key by using frequency analyze archstrike
nsdtool 1 toolset of scripts used to detect netgear switches in local networks. The tool contains some extra features like bruteforce and setting a new password archstrike-testing
nsec3walker 20101223 Enumerates domain names using DNSSEC archstrike
nsia 1.0.6 A website scanner that monitors websites in realtime in order to detect defacements, compliance violations, exploits, sensitive information disclosure and other issues. archstrike-testing
nsoq 1.9.5 A Network Security Tool for packet manipulation that allows a large number of options. archstrike
o-saft-git r2752.429b3f8 An easy to use tool to show informations about SSL certificate and tests the SSL connection according given list of ciphers and various SSL configurations archstrike
obkey 1.0 Openbox Key Editor archstrike
obmenu-generator 0.85 A fast pipe/static menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager (with icons support). archstrike
od1n-git 20190407.r209 A Web security tool to make fuzzing at HTTP inputs, made in C with libCurl archstrike
ohrwurm-git 20100930.r1 A small and simple RTP fuzzer archstrike
onesixtyone 0.7 An SNMP scanner that sends multiple SNMP requests to multiple IP addresses archstrike
onetwopunch-git 20180607.r17 Script combining the speed of unicornscan w/ the versitility of nmap archstrike
onioff 2.0 An onion url inspector for inspecting deep web links archstrike
onionscan-git 20170225.r130 Tool to scan onion services archstrike
onionshare 2.2 Securely and anonymously share a file of any size archstrike
opendnssec 2.1.4 Turn-key solution for DNSSEC (sqlite3) archstrike-testing
openstego 0.6.1 Plugin based tool for steganography, with encrytion support. archstrike
orbited 0.7.10 A browser(javascript)->tcp bridge; Comet is used to emulate TCP connections in the browser; Allows you to connect a web browser directly to an IRC or XMPP server, for instance. archstrike
origami 2.1.0 Aims at providing a scripting tool to generate and analyze malicious PDF files. archstrike
osueta-git r75.0347c48 A simple Python script to exploit the OpenSSH User Enumeration Timing Attack. archstrike
outguess 0.2 A universal steganographic tool archstrike
owasp-zsc-git 20180424.r314 Shellcode/Obfuscate Code Generator archstrike
pacemaker-git r78.e46f354 A CVE-2014-0160 client exploit archstrike
pack 0.0.4 Password Analysis and Cracking Kit archstrike
packerid-git r12.7b2ee6e Script which uses a PEiD database to identify which packer (if any) is being used by a binary. archstrike
packet-o-matic 0.0.19 A real time packet processor. Reads the packet from an input module, match the packet using rules and connection tracking information and then send it to a target module. archstrike-testing

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