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Package Version Description Repository
pwdump 7.1 Extracts the binary SAM and SYSTEM file from the filesystem and then the hashes. archstrike
pwnat-git 20171221.r13.5de412c Punches holes in firewalls and NATs allowing any numbers of clients behind NATs to directly connect to a server behind a different NAT with no 3rd party, port forwarding, DMZ or spoofing involved archstrike
pwndbg-git 20231116.r1762 A collection of python that makes debugging with gdb suck less archstrike
pwned-search-git 20210104.r40 Pwned Password API lookup archstrike
pwnedornot-git 20230930.r150 OSINT Tool to Find Passwords for Compromised Email Accounts archstrike
pwntools 4.8.0 The CTF framework used by #Gallopsled in every CTF archstrike
pyinstaller 4.0 A program that converts (packages) Python programs into stand-alone executables, under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and AIX. archstrike
pylnk3 0.4.2 Python library for reading and writing Windows shortcut files archstrike
python-aiomultiprocess 0.9.0 asyncio version of the standard multiprocessing module archstrike
python-ajpy 0.0.5 aims to craft AJP requests in order to communicate with AJP connectors archstrike
python-altgraph 0.17.3 fork of graphlib: a graph (network) package for constructing graphs archstrike
python-amoco 2.9.8 yet another tool for analysing binaries archstrike
python-arpreq 0.3.4 Python C extension to query the Kernel ARP cache for the MAC address of a given IP address. archstrike
python-artifacts 20230723 Digital Forensics Artifact Repository archstrike
python-async 0.6.2 Async aims to make writing asyncronous processing easier. archstrike
python-async_timeout 4.0.2 Timeout context manager for asyncio programs archstrike
python-backports.lzma 0.0.14 Backport of Python 3 standard library module lzma for LZMA/XY compressed files archstrike
python-bacpypes 0.18.6 BACpypes provides a BACnet application layer and network layer written in Python for daemons, scripting, and graphical interfaces. archstrike
python-bandicoot 0.6.0 A toolbox to analyze mobile phone metadata. archstrike
python-bfac-git 20210919.r53 Advanced Backup-File Artifacts Testing for Web-Applications archstrike
python-bintrees 2.2.0 Package provides Binary-, RedBlack- and AVL-Trees in Python and Cython. archstrike
python-bumpversion 1.0.1 Version-bump your software with a single command archstrike
python-cfscrape 2.1.1 A Python module to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page archstrike
python-chart-studio 1.1.0 An interactive, browser-based graphing library for Python archstrike
python-coloredlogs 15.0.1 Colored stream handler for Python's logging module archstrike
python-crcelk 1.3 Updated fork of CrcMoose. archstrike
python-crysp 1.2 A crypto related pkg for amoco archstrike
python-cx_oracle 8.3.0 Python interface to Oracle Database conforming to the Python DB API 2.0 specification archstrike
python-cybox A Python library for parsing and generating CybOX 2.1.0 content. archstrike 0.1.1 Subprocesses for Humans 2.0. archstrike
python-dicttoxml 1.7.4 Converts a Python dictionary or other native data type into a valid XML string archstrike
python-dpkt-git 20210102.r628 Python library for interacting with and creating packets. archstrike
python-dtfabric 20190120 Tooling for data type and structure management archstrike
python-ed25519 1.5 Python Bindings to the Ed25519 Digital Signature System archstrike
python-emailprotectionslib 0.8.5 Python library to interact with SPF and DMARC archstrike
python-fake-useragent 0.1.11 Up to date simple useragent faker with real world database archstrike
python-filemagic 1.6 Provides a Python API for libmagic, the library behind Unix file command archstrike
python-flake8-per-file-ignores 0.8.1 An extension for flake8 that lets you configure (out-of-source) individual error codes to be ignored per file archstrike
python-flake8-polyfill 1.0.2 Provides the poly fill for Flake8 plugins archstrike
python-flake8-quotes 3.2.0 Flake8 extension for checking quotes in python archstrike
python-fusepy 3.0.1 Python module that provides a simple interface to FUSE and MacFUSE archstrike
python-fuzzywuzzy-git 20200213.r379 Fuzzy string matching in python archstrike
python-googletransx 2.4.2 Free Google Translate API for Python archstrike
python-grandalf 0.55555 A graph and drawing algorithms framework archstrike
python-http_request 1.2 A small python library to parse and build HTTP requests archstrike
python-iampoliciesgonewild Optical character recognition (OCR) tool for Python 3.x archstrike
python-ipcalc 1.99.0 IP subnet calculator for Python. archstrike
python-iptools 0.7.0 Python utilites for manipulating IPv4 and IPv6 addresses archstrike
python-ishell 0.1.8 Build Interactive Shells with Python archstrike
python-itanium_demangler 1.0 Parser for the Itanium C++ ABI symbol mangling language archstrike
python-jinja2-time 0.2.0 Jinja2 Extension for Dates and Times archstrike

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