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We follow the Arch Linux standards closely in order to keep our packages clean, proper and easy to maintain. Our team works hard to maintain the repository and give the best ArchStrike experience. If you find any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us via GitHub, IRC, Twitter or email. Any feedback is appreciated.


archstrike-testing repository will no longer be available.

We have moved the packages which should belong to main, and the rest can be added back if there are user requests.

To avoid problems, remove the repository from /etc/pacman.conf

We just updated our ISO files for x86_64!

One ISO Openbox like before, and we also have a Minimal ISO option now.

Check them out here

Have fun!

Just added a new tool to the archstrike repository!

Package Details

name: cr3dov3r-git

description: Your best friend in credential reuse attacks

package link

exploitdb-git has been removed from our repositories, as the new community package exploitdb replaced it. To switch to the community package run:

sudo pacman -Rns exploitdb-git && sudo pacman -S exploitdb

ArchStrike Archive


We would like to thank ArchLinux32 developer, tyzoid, for supporting the project by providing space for an archive. The archive can be found here: ArchStrike Archive