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We follow the Arch Linux standards closely in order to keep our packages clean, proper and easy to maintain. Our team works hard to maintain the repository and give the best ArchStrike experience. If you find any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us via GitHub, IRC, Twitter or email. Any feedback is appreciated.


Just added a new tool to the archstrike repository!

Package Details

name: cr3dov3r-git

description: Your best friend in credential reuse attacks

package link

exploitdb-git has been removed from our repositories, as the new community package exploitdb replaced it. To switch to the community package run:

sudo pacman -Rns exploitdb-git && sudo pacman -S exploitdb

ArchStrike Archive


We would like to thank ArchLinux32 developer, tyzoid, for supporting the project by providing space for an archive. The archive can be found here: ArchStrike Archive

Due to an unexpected amount of support, and following further review and discussion, we are pleased to announce that we are able to implement an infrastructure fix to continue i686 support.

End of i686 Support


We decided to phase out i686 support due to increasing maintenance overhead of supporting the i686 architecture. We will be reallocating i686 resources to improve the ArchStrike experience.

We appreciate the help and patience from the plugbuild developers at Arch Linux | ARM, and i686 support from the archlinux32 team, who have been working with us to keep i686 support going. We would like to thank all of the i686 users who have supported us—we would not have made it this far it was not for you.