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Package Version Description Repository
python-jinja2-time 0.2.0 Jinja2 Extension for Dates and Times archstrike
python-libnmap 0.7.0 Python NMAP library enabling you to start async nmap tasks, parse and compare/diff scan results archstrike
python-libpcap 0.2.3 Cython libpcap archstrike
python-libtaxii 1.1.115 TAXII Library. archstrike
python-macholib 1.14 Mach-O header analysis and editing archstrike
python-maec An API for parsing and creating MAEC content. archstrike
python-magic-git 20200124.r213 A python wrapper for libmagic archstrike
python-mechanicalsoup 0.12.0 A Python library for automating interaction with websites archstrike
python-mixbox 1.0.3 Utility library for cybox, maec, and stix packages archstrike
python-mrbob 0.2.3 creates directory skeletons archstrike
python-msoffcrypto-tool 4.10.1 Python tool and library for decrypting MS Office files with passwords or other keys archstrike
python-mulpyplexer 0.08 A module that multiplexes interactions with lists of python objects. archstrike
python-neo4j 4.0.0 Neo4j Bolt Driver for Python archstrike
python-nmap 0.6.1 Python3 library which helps in using the nmap port scanner. archstrike
python-oletools 0.55 Python tools to analyze security characteristics of MS Office and OLE files archstrike
python-owasp-zap-v2.4 0.0.16 OWASP ZAP API client archstrike
python-pager 3.3 Terminal/console pager module for Python archstrike
python-pcodedmp 1.2.6 A VBA p-code disassembler archstrike
python-pefile 2019.4.18 Python PE parsing module archstrike
python-pep8-naming 0.9.1 Naming Convention checker for Python archstrike
python-plotly 4.3.0 An interactive, browser-based graphing library for Python archstrike
python-pluginbase 1.0.0 A support library for building plugins sytems in Python. archstrike
python-poyo 0.5.0 A lightweight YAML Parser for Python archstrike
python-pycares 3.0.0 A python interface for c-ares archstrike
python-pydeep 0.4 This is the Python interface to ssdeep. archstrike
python-pyghmi 1.2.16 a pure Python (mostly IPMI) server management library archstrike
python-pygraphviz 1.5 PyGraphviz is a Python interface to the Graphviz graph layout and visualization package. archstrike
python-pyminifier 2.1 A Python code minifier, obfuscator, and compressor archstrike
python-pymisp Python library using the MISP Rest API archstrike
python-pypsrp 0.4.0 Python client for the PowerShell Remoting Protocol (PSRP) and Windows Remove Management (WinRM) service archstrike
python-pyric Python Wireless Library archstrike
python-pysmb 1.2.1 an experimental SMB/CIFS library written in Python archstrike
python-pystrich 0.8 A Python module to generate 1D and 2D barcodes (Code 128, DataMatrix, QRCode and EAN13).Forked from huBarcode. archstrike
python-pytesseract 0.3.0 Optical character recognition (OCR) tool for Python 3.x archstrike
python-pyvex A Python interface to libVEX and VEX IR. archstrike
python-r2pipe 1.4.2 A Pipe interface for radare2 archstrike
python-roguehostapd-git 1.2.3 Hostapd wrapper for hostapd archstrike
python-rpyc 4.1.5 Remote Python Call (RPyC), a transparent and symmetric RPC library archstrike
python-rq 1.1.0 Simple job queues for Python archstrike
python-safedexml 0.5.1 A defusedxml version of dead-simple Object-XML mapper for Python archstrike
python-schedule 0.6.0 Python job scheduling for humans archstrike
python-shodan 1.23.0 A Python2/3 library for archstrike
python-simuvex A symbolic execution engine for the VEX IR archstrike
python-smoke-zephyr 1.4.1 Python utility collection archstrike
python-spark 1.8.9 An Early-Algorithm Context-free grammar Parser archstrike
python-stem-git 20200516.r3822 A controller library for Tor archstrike
python-stix An API for parsing and generating STIX content. archstrike
python-stringcase 1.2.0 String case converter archstrike
python-tld 0.11.10 Extracts the top level domain (TLD) from the URL given archstrike
python-uncompyle6 3.5.0 Python byte-code disassembler and source-code converter. archstrike

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