ArchStrike Wiki

Guide for getting involved in ArchStrike

ArchStrike is a non-profit organization aiming to create a simple and clean penetration testing distribution for security researchers and enthusiasts. The project is being run by volunteers. We are a small team, so we appreciate any kind of help being contributed. There are many ways you can contribute to ArchStrike. Here are just a few of them.

Testing packages

Testing updated packages helps catch issues we might have missed. If you find an issue, please notify us via our github issue tracker or send an email to

Submitting PKGBUILDs

Submitting PKGBUILDs is a good way of helping out. The packages that fail to build can be seen on our build issues page and are prioritised for fixing. You can also create new PKGBUILDs for new tools that you want to see added in our repositories. If you are a developer, we are usually more then happy to add in new packages so you can submit them this way.

You can find a more detailed guide about this on our wiki entry and also more details on the contribution details page.