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Writing a PKGBUILD

Template PKGBUILDs

Template PKGBUILD for Git packages

Template PKGBUILD for Svn packages

Template PKGBUILD for C or similar source packages

Template PKGBUILD for python2/3 library packages

Template PKGBUILD for generic packages

Anatomy of a PKGBUILD


buildarch : This is a variable specific to the ArchStrike PKGBUILD files. You can find more information about this variable on the contribution guide

pkgname : The name of the package.

pkgver : The version number of the package.

pkgrel : The build iteration of the package. Updates to the PKGBUILD without updating the pkgver means this variable should be bumped by 1.

groups : Groups the package will be in.

arch : Architectures this package is supported on. This defines what the buildarch variable will be.

pkgdesc : Short description of the package.

url : URL for the package (for example the github page or the website)

license : License of the package. Use custom for uncommon licenses.

depends : Dependencies of the package.

makedepends : Dependencies for making the package.

source : Source file or git/svn repository link for the package.

sha512sums : Checksums for the source. Use SKIP for -git or -svn packages. Run updpkgsums after adding the source to automatically generate and add sums.


pkgver() | Only for -git/-svn packages

This function generates the pkgver variable for -git/-svn packages.

  • Leave pkgver empty while writing the PKGBUILD. Afterwards run makepkg or makechrootpkg to generate the real pkgver.

  • pkgver cannot contain spaces or hyphens (-). Using sed to correct this is common.

prepare() | Only needed when a modification needs to be made to source

A preparation function. We can make changes to the files in this function. A common use is to patch files.

build() | Only needed when source needs to be built before installation

A build function. We build the package source in this function if it needs to be built.

package() | ESSENTIAL

The main function for packaging the source. Here we install the necessary files to the fakeroot.

  • The package() function is the only required function in a PKGBUILD. If you must only copy files into their respective directories to install a program, do not put it in the build() function, put that in the package() function.

Tips for PKGBUILD contributors

  • Run namcap on your PKGBUILD file and your pkgname.tar.xz after building it. This will uncover common errors. Such as namcap some-package-x86_64.tar.xz or namcap PKGBUILD.

    You can ignore warnings about the buildarch variable not starting with an underscore

  • Make sure your package works and installs properly by testing your PKGBUILD in a clean chroot.

  • Make sure pkgname is the same with the folder the package is in.

  • Don't forget to bump pkgrel by 1 if a change is made without changing the version of the package (such as a change in the description or groups).

  • Make sure to read the contribution guideline before submitting your pull request to make sure it meets the predefined standards.