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Connecting to ArchStrike IRC

In the ArchStrike IRC channel, you can talk to the developers and join the community chat for ArchStrike.

This guide will cover, step-by-step, how to set up the HexChat IRC client and connect to the ArchStrike IRC channel.

Note: This guide assumes you are using Archlinux/ArchStrike.

Installing an IRC Client

For the sake of simplicity, we will use the HexChat IRC client throughout the guide. You can use another client if you wish so. weechat is recommended for a lightweight and command-line alternative to HexChat.

  • Download HexChat by running :# pacman -S hexchat as root.

Connecting to freenode

  • Launch HexChat from your desktop environment.

    This will be how it looks on your first launch:

  • Press Connect.

    This is how it will look:

  • Choose Nothing, I'll join a channel later for now, and press OK.

    Type this down: /msg NickServ REGISTER <password_you_pick> <your_email> on the message bar, replacing password_you_pick with the password you want for your freenode account and your_email with your e-mail address.

    Example: /msg NickServ REGISTER hunter2

  • Verify your e-mail by clicking the link you receive.

  • Time to change some settings.

    Click on HexChat on the top bar.

    Choose Network List...

    It will look like the first screen.

    Now click on freenode and choose Edit... on the right side.

    This is how it should look:

    Uncheck Use global user information

    Next to Nick name:, enter the nickname you used while connecting.

    Login method: should be SASL (username + password)

    Enter your password next to Password:

    Next to Servers, you can see Autojoin channels.

    Click on Add after you switch to Autojoin channels tab.

    Add #archstrike to the channels list.

    Press Close.

You're set!

You can close HexChat now. When you start it again, it will automatically identify with the IRC server and connect to the ArchStrike IRC channel.