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Package Version Description Repository
xssf 3.0 A Cross-Site Scripting Framework for metasploit archstrike
xssless-git r45.8e7ebe1 An automated XSS payload generator written in python. archstrike
xsspy-git 20190809.r58 A python tool for finding Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities in websites archstrike
xsss 0.40b brute force cross site scripting scanner archstrike
xssscan-git r17.7f1ea90 Command line tool for detection of XSS attacks in URLs. Based on ModSecurity rules from OWASP CRS. archstrike
xsssniper 0.9 An automatic XSS discovery tool archstrike
xsstrike 3.1.4 Most advanced XSS detection suite archstrike
yaf 2.11.0 Yet Another Flowmeter archstrike
yararules-git 20200127.r1677 A Repository of yara rules archstrike
yasat 848 A simple stupid audit tool archstrike
yersinia 0.8.2 A network tool designed to take advantage of some weakness in different network protocols archstrike
zgrab 0.0.1 Application layer scanner that operates with ZMap archstrike
zizzania 0.2.0 An Automated wireless DeAuth attack archstrike
zulu 0.1 Zulu is a light weight 802.11 wireless frame generation tool to enable fast and easy debugging and probing of 802.11 networks. archstrike
zulucrypt 5.4.0 a cli and gui frontend to cryptsetup. archstrike
zzuf 0.15 Transparent application input fuzzer. archstrike

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