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Package Version Description Repository
wig-git r574.d5ddd91 WebApp Information Gatherer archstrike
wikigen 1.0 A script to generate wordlists out of wikipedia pages. archstrike
wildpwn-git 20180525.r11 unix wildcard attacks archstrike
windows-binaries 0.6.9 A colleciton of pentesting Windows binaries archstrike
windows-exploit-suggester-git 20170217.r41 Compares a target patch levels against the Microsoft vulnerability database to detect potential missing patches on the target. Also notifies the user if there are public exploits and Metasploit modules available for missing bulletins archstrike
wlan2eth 1.3 re-writes 802.11 captures into standard Ethernet frames. archstrike
wol-e 2.0 A suite of tools for the Wake on LAN feature of network attached computers archstrike
wordpot-git r44.e96889b A Wordpress Honeypot archstrike
wpbf-git r7.11b6ac1 Multithreaded WordPress brute forcer archstrike
wphardening 1.6 A security tool for WordPress archstrike
wsfuzzer 1.9.5 A Python tool written to automate SOAP pentesting of web services archstrike
wuzz 0.5.0 Interactive cli tool for HTTP inspection archstrike
x3270 3.6ga6 An IBM 3270 terminal emulator for the X Window System patched for birp( archstrike
xcat 1.1.0 A command line tool to automate the exploitation of blind XPath injection vulnerabilities archstrike
xcavator-git r5.bd9e2d8 man-in-the-middle and phishing attack tool that steals the victim's credentials of some web services like Facebook archstrike
xmount 0.7.6 Tool to crossmount between multiple input and output harddisk image files archstrike
xorsearch 1.11.2 Program to search for a given string in an XOR, ROL or ROT encoded binary file. archstrike
xorstrings 0.0.1 A combination of XORSearch tool and the well-known strings command to search for a given string in an XOR, ROL or ROT encoded binary file. archstrike
xprobe2 0.3 An active OS fingerprintinging tool archstrike
xspy 1.0c A utility for monitoring keypresses on remote X servers archstrike
xss-callback-git r14.6a2bb85 A lightweight HTTP Server that exploits XSS victim's session automatically archstrike
xsser 1.8.3 A penetration testing tool for detecting and exploiting XSS vulnerabilites. archstrike
xssf 3.0 A Cross-Site Scripting Framework for metasploit archstrike
xssless-git r45.8e7ebe1 An automated XSS payload generator written in python. archstrike
xsss 0.40b brute force cross site scripting scanner archstrike
xssscan-git r17.7f1ea90 Command line tool for detection of XSS attacks in URLs. Based on ModSecurity rules from OWASP CRS. archstrike
xsstrike 3.1.5 Most advanced XSS detection suite archstrike
yaf 2.12.2 Yet Another Flowmeter archstrike
yararules-git 20211118.r1786 A Repository of yara rules archstrike
yasat 848 A simple stupid audit tool archstrike
yersinia 0.8.2 A network tool designed to take advantage of some weakness in different network protocols archstrike
zeek 4.0.3 An Open Source Network Security Monitoring Tool (IDS) archstrike
zgrab 0.0.1 Application layer scanner that operates with ZMap archstrike
zizzania 0.3.0 An Automated wireless DeAuth attack archstrike
zulu 0.1 Zulu is a light weight 802.11 wireless frame generation tool to enable fast and easy debugging and probing of 802.11 networks. archstrike
zulucrypt 6.0.0 a cli and gui frontend to cryptsetup. archstrike

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