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twint 2.1.21 An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python that doesn't use Twitter's API archstrike
twittor-git 20150909.r5 Stealthy python based backdoor that uses Twitter (Direct Messages) as a command and control server archstrike
twofi 2.0 Twitter Words of Interest archstrike
uatester 1.06 User Agent String Tester archstrike
ubertooth-git r1320.d1feecc A 2.4 GHz wireless development board suitable for Bluetooth experimentation. Open source hardware and software. Tools only archstrike
udis86 1.7.2 A minimalistic disassembler library archstrike
udptunnel 19 Tunnels TCP over UDP packets. archstrike
ufo-wardriving 5.0.0 Allows you to test the security of wireless networks by detecting their passwords based on the router model archstrike
ufonet 1.7 A tool designed to launch DDoS attacks against a target, using 'Open Redirect' vectors on third party web applications, like botnet. archstrike
umap-git r25.3ad8121 The USB host security assessment tool archstrike
underscorejs 1.13.1 Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript that provides a lot of the functional programming support that you would expect in Prototype.js (or Ruby), but without extending any of the built-in JavaScript objects. archstrike
unicornscan 0.4.7 A new information gathering and correlation engine. archstrike
unix-privesc-check 1.4 Tries to find misconfigurations that could allow local unprivilged users to escalate privileges to other users or to access local apps (e.g. databases) archstrike
upnpscan 0.4 Scans the LAN or a given address range for UPnP capable devices. archstrike
urlcrazy 0.5 Generate and test domain typos and variations to detect and perform typo squatting, URL hijacking, phishing, and corporate espionage. archstrike
usbkill-git r213.d3df79e An anti-forensic kill-switch that waits for a change on your USB ports and then immediately shuts down your computer. archstrike
username-anarchy 0.5 Tools for generating usernames when penetration testing archstrike
vbrute-git r1.11dda8b Virtual hosts brute forcer. Specify file containing domains and file containing IPs and will attempt to connect to IP with specific domain. archstrike
vbscan-git 20190616.r39 Black Box vBulletin Vulnerability Scanner archstrike
vega 1.0.devel.130 An open source platform to test the security of web applications archstrike
vfeed-git 20171125.r79 Open Source Cross Linked and Aggregated Local Vulnerability Database main repository archstrike
videosnarf 0.63 A new security assessment tool for pcap analyze archstrike
vncrack 1.21 What it looks like: crack VNC. archstrike
voiphopper 2.04 A security validation tool that tests to see if a PC can mimic the behavior of an IP Phone. It rapidly automates a VLAN Hop into the Voice VLAN. archstrike
voipong 2.0 A utility which detects all Voice Over IP calls on a pipeline, and for those which are G711 encoded, dumps actual conversation to seperate wave files. archstrike
wafw00f 2.1.0 Identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall (WAF) products protecting a website archstrike
wapiti 3.1.0 A vulnerability scanner for web applications. It currently search vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL and XPath injections, file inclusions, command execution, LDAP injections, CRLF injections... archstrike
waybackpack 0.3.7 Command-line tool that lets you download the entire Wayback Machine archive for a given URL. archstrike
wcc-git 20180405.r55 The Witchcraft Compiler Collection archstrike
webacoo 0.2.3 Web Backdoor Cookie Script-Kit archstrike
webpwn3r-git 20140521.r35 A python based Web Applications Security Scanner archstrike
webrute 3.3 Web server directory brute forcer. archstrike
weevely 4.0.1 A Stealth tiny web shell that provides a telnet-like console. archstrike
wepbuster 1.0.beta0.7 A script for automating aircrack-ng archstrike
wfuzz 3.1.0 Utility to bruteforce web applications to find their not linked resources archstrike
whatweb-git r4908.eeca4cd3 Next generation web scanner that identifies what websites are running. archstrike
wifi-honey 1.0 A management tool for wifi honeypots archstrike
wificurse 0.3.9 WiFi Jammer via fake deauthentication packets archstrike
wifijammer-git 20191218.r92 A python script to continuosly jam all wifi clients within range archstrike
wifiphisher-git 20220517.r795 A tool for Fast automated phishing attacks against WPA networks archstrike
wifitap-git 2b16088 WiFi injection tool through tun/tap device archstrike
wig-git r574.d5ddd91 WebApp Information Gatherer archstrike
wikigen 1.0 A script to generate wordlists out of wikipedia pages. archstrike
wildpwn-git 20180525.r11 unix wildcard attacks archstrike
windows-binaries 0.6.9 A colleciton of pentesting Windows binaries archstrike
windows-exploit-suggester-git 20170217.r41 Compares a target patch levels against the Microsoft vulnerability database to detect potential missing patches on the target. Also notifies the user if there are public exploits and Metasploit modules available for missing bulletins archstrike
wlan2eth 1.3 re-writes 802.11 captures into standard Ethernet frames. archstrike
wol-e 2.0 A suite of tools for the Wake on LAN feature of network attached computers archstrike
wordpot-git r44.e96889b A Wordpress Honeypot archstrike
wpbf-git r7.11b6ac1 Multithreaded WordPress brute forcer archstrike
wphardening 1.6 A security tool for WordPress archstrike

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