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sniffles 3.4.3 A Packet Capture Generator for IDS and Regular Expression Evaluation archstrike
snmpcheck 1.8 A free open source utility to get information via SNMP protocols. archstrike
snmpenum 1.7 An snmp enumerator. archstrike
snmpscan 0.1 A free, multi-processes SNMP scanner archstrike
snort 2.9.19 A lightweight network intrusion detection system. archstrike
snow 20130616 Steganography program for concealing messages in text files archstrike
spectools 2016_01_R1 Spectrum-Tools is a set of utilities for using the Wi-Spy USB spectrum analyzer hardware. Stable version. archstrike
spiped A utility for creating symmetrically encrypted and authenticated pipes between socket addresses archstrike
spooftooph 0.5.2 Designed to automate spoofing or cloning Bluetooth device Name, Class, and Address. Cloning this information effectively allows Bluetooth device to hide in plain sight archstrike
sps 4.3 A Linux packet crafting tool. Supports IPv4, IPv6 including extension headers, and tunneling IPv6 over IPv4. archstrike
sqlbrute 1.0 Brute forces data out of databases using blind SQL injection. archstrike
sqlninja 0.2.999 A tool targeted to exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities on a web application that uses Microsoft SQL Server as its back-end archstrike
sqlpat 1.0.1 This tool should be used to audit the strength of Microsoft SQL Server passwords offline. archstrike
squashfuse-git 20210403.r406 FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs archives archstrike
ssdc 1.2.0 Python API for cross-platform colored terminal text. archstrike
ssh-audit-git 20161102.r165 SSH server auditing (banner, key exchange, encryption, mac, compression, compatbility, etc) archstrike
ssldump-git 20201014.r186 an SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer archstrike
ssllabs-scan 1.5.0 Test whether a host is vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack archstrike
sslyze 5.0.2 Python tool for analyzing the configuration of SSL servers and for identifying misconfigurations archstrike
ssma-git 20200421.r215 Simple Static Malware Analyzer archstrike
ssss 0.5 Split and Combine Secrets using Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme archstrike
sstat-git 20141023.r8 Check the status of a server while fuzzing or DDoSing archstrike
stackflow-git 0.r2.2af525d Universal stack-based buffer overfow exploitation tool archstrike
statsprocessor 0.11 A high-performance word-generator based on per-position Markov-attack archstrike
stegsolve 1.0 Steganography Solver archstrike
stickykeyshunter-git 20160911.r15 Script to test an RDP host for sticky keys and utilman backdoor archstrike
stomper 0.4.3 A transport neutral client implementation of the STOMP protocol. archstrike
stompy 0.0.4 an advanced utility to test the quality of WWW session identifiers and other tokens that are meant to be unpredictable. archstrike
sublist3r-git 20200729.r138 A Fast subdomains enumeration tool for penetration testers archstrike
sucrack 1.2.3 A multi-threaded Linux/UNIX tool for brute-force cracking local user accounts via su archstrike
suricata 6.0.4 An Open Source Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Engine archstrike
swfintruder 0.9.1 First tool for testing security in Flash movies. A runtime analyzer for SWF external movies. It helps to find flaws in Flash. archstrike
syft 0.14.0 Software Bill of Materials tool for container images and filesystems archstrike
synscan 5.02 fast asynchronous half-open TCP portscanner archstrike
sysinternals-suite 20220127 Sysinternals tools suite archstrike
t50 5.8.7b Experimental Multi-protocol Packet Injector Tool archstrike
tbear 1.5 An ncurses-based Bluetooth scanner (a bit similar to kismet), a Bluetooth DoS tool and a Bluetooth hidden device locator archstrike
tcpick 0.2.1 TCP stream sniffer and connection tracker archstrike
tcptraceroute 1.5beta7 A traceroute implementation using TCP packets. archstrike
tcpwatch 1.3.1 A utility written in Python that lets you monitor forwarded TCP connections or HTTP proxy connections. archstrike
tcpxtract 1.0.1 tcpxtract is a tool for extracting files from network traffic archstrike
termineter 1.0.4 Smart meter testing framework archstrike
thc-pptp-bruter 0.1.4 Brute force program against pptp vpn endpoints (tcp port 1723) archstrike
thcsmartbrute 1.0 A tool that finds undocumented and secret commands implemented in a smartcard. archstrike
theharvester-git 20220217.r2722 Python tool for gathering e-mail accounts and subdomain names from different public sources (search engines, pgp key servers) archstrike
thezoo-git 20201219.r207 A project created to make the possibility of malware analysis open and available to the public archstrike
tiger 3.2.4rc1 A security scanner that checks computer for known problems archstrike
tilt-git 90.2bc2ef2 Terminal Ip Lookup Tool archstrike
tlssled 1.3 A Linux shell script whose purpose is to evaluate the security of a target SSL/TLS (HTTPS) web server implementation. archstrike
tnscmd10g 1.3 A lame tool to prod the oracle tnslsnr process (1521/tcp) archstrike
tomb 2.9 A system for easy encryption and backup of personal files archstrike

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