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python2-pygraphml 2.4.2 Small library to parse GraphML files in Python archstrike
python2-pygtail 0.10.1 Reads log file lines that have not been read. archstrike
python2-pyip 0.7 Efficient arrays of booleans for Python archstrike
python2-pylibemu-git 20161024.r118 A Libemu Cython wrapper archstrike
python2-pyliblzma 0.5.3 Python 2 bindings for liblzma archstrike
python2-pylzma 0.5.0 Python bindings for the LZMA library archstrike
python2-pypcap 1.2.3 Python extension module for libpcap. archstrike
python2-pypdf2 1.26.0 PDF toolkit archstrike
python2-pypdns 1.4.1 Python API for PDNS. archstrike
python2-pype32 0.1 Yet another Python library to read and write PE/PE+ files. archstrike
python2-pypssl 2.1 Python API for PSSL. archstrike
python2-pyqtgraph 0.10.0 Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python archstrike
python2-pyrasite 2.0 Code injection and introspection of running Python processes archstrike
python2-pyrtlsdr-git r331.190d3ac A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's) archstrike
python2-pyscard 1.9.9 A Python module adding smart cards support to Python archstrike
python2-pysctp 0.6 A python module for the SCTP protocol stack and library. archstrike
python2-pysendfile 2.0.1 A Python interface to sendfile archstrike
python2-pyshark 0.3.8 Python wrapper for tshark, allowing python packet parsing using wireshark dissectors archstrike
python2-pysmi 0.3.4 Open source and free implementation of v1/v2c/v3 SNMP engine archstrike
python2-pysnmp 4.4.12 SNMP library for Python archstrike
python2-pysqli-git r21.37418c9 Python SQL injection framework archstrike
python2-pytest-flake8 1.0.4 pytest plugin to check FLAKE8 requirements archstrike
python2-pytest-isort 0.3.1 pytest plugin to perform isort checks (import ordering) archstrike
python2-pytorctl 201310164gc8fcb25 A Python Tor controller with extensions to support path building and various constraints on node and path selection, as well as statistics gathering. archstrike
python2-pyusb 1.0.2 A pure Python2 module which provides USB access. archstrike
python2-pyvirtualdisplay 0.2.1 python wrapper for Xvfb, Xephyr and Xvnc archstrike
python2-pyxml 0.8.4 A fast and simple micro-framework for small web applications. archstrike
python2-rarfile 3.1 RAR archive reader for Python archstrike
python2-ratelim 0.1.6 Makes it easy to respect rate limits. archstrike
python2-rdpy 1.3.2 Remote Desktop Protocol in twisted python archstrike
python2-re2 0.2.24 Python wrapper for Google's RE2 using Cython archstrike
python2-redteamcore-git 0.0.2.r0.gb7e3de2 Core Python modules for use in tooling archstrike
python2-requests-file 1.4.3 File transport adapter for Requests archstrike
python2-requests_ntlm 1.1.0 Allows for HTTP NTLM authentication using the requests library archstrike
python2-responses 0.10.7 A utility library for mocking out the requests Python library. archstrike
python2-rpyc 4.0.2 Remote Python Call (RPyC), a transparent and symmetric RPC library archstrike
python2-rsa 4.0 Pure-Python RSA implementation archstrike
python2-ruamel.ordereddict 0.4.13 a version of dict that keeps keys in insertion resp. sorted order archstrike
python2-scapy 2.4.3 Powerful interactive packet manipulation program written in Python archstrike
python2-scp 0.13.2 scp module for paramiko archstrike
python2-selenium 3.141.0 Python binding for Selenium Remote Control [Python 2] archstrike
python2-skpy 0.9 An unofficial Python library for interacting with the Skype HTTP API. archstrike
python2-slowaes 0.1a1 Implementations of AES in pure scripting languages archstrike
python2-smspdu 1.0 SMS PDU encoding and decoding, including GSM-0338 character set. archstrike
python2-sortedcontainers 2.1.0 A containers library, written in pure-Python, and fast as C-extensions archstrike
python2-stem 1.8.0 Python controller library for Tor archstrike
python2-symath 0.1.25 symbolic mathematics for python archstrike
python2-tabulate 0.8.7 Pretty-print tabular data in Python archstrike
python2-telepot 12.7 Python framework for Telegram Bot API archstrike
python2-telnetsrv 0.4 Telnet server handler library archstrike
python2-termcolor 1.1.0 ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal archstrike

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