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python2-crysp 0.9 A crypto related pkg for amoco archstrike
python2-cybox A Python library for parsing and generating CybOX 2.1.0 content. archstrike
python2-dartspylru-git 20130715.r7 An LRUDict is basically a simple dictionary, which has a defined maximum capacity archstrike
python2-demjson 2.2.4 Encoder, decoder, and lint/validator for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) compliant with RFC 4627 archstrike
python2-dfdatetime 20190116 Provides date and time objects to preserve accuracy and precision archstrike
python2-dicttoxml 1.7.4 Converts a Python dictionary or other native data type into a valid XML string. archstrike
python2-dtfabric 20190120 Tooling for data type and structure management archstrike
python2-easyprocess 0.2.5 Easy to use python subprocess interface. archstrike
python2-elfesteem 0.2.1 ELFEsteem: ELF/PE/Mach-O file manipulation library archstrike
python2-elixir 0.7.1 A declarative layer on top of SQLAlchemy. It is a fairly thin wrapper, which provides the ability to define model objects following the Active Record design pattern archstrike
python2-emailprotectionslib 0.8.3 Python library to interact with SPF and DMARC archstrike
python2-enum 0.4.7 Robust enumerated type support in Python. archstrike
python2-esmre 0.3.1 Modules used to accelerate execution of a large collection of regular expressions using the Aho-Corasick algorithms archstrike
python2-exscript-git 20190325.r1786 A Python module making Telnet and SSH easy archstrike
python2-facepy 1.0.10 makes it really easy to interact with Facebook's Graph API archstrike
python2-fake-useragent 0.1.10 Up to date simple useragent faker with real world database archstrike
python2-foursquare 2016.9.12 easy-as-pie foursquare wrapper library archstrike
python2-fuzzywuzzy-git 20180820.r362 Fuzzy string matching in python archstrike
python2-geocoder 1.38.1 Geocoder is a simple and consistent geocoding library. archstrike
python2-geopy 1.19.0 Python Geocoding Toolbox archstrike
python2-gevent-websocket 0.10.1 Websocket handler for the gevent pywsgi server, a Python network library. archstrike
python2-gmpy 1.17 GMP or MPIR interface to Python 2.4+ and 3.x archstrike
python2-google 1.9.3 Python bindings to the Google search engine. archstrike
python2-grandalf 0.55555 A graph and drawing algorithms framework archstrike
python2-guess-language 0.2 Attempts to determine the natural language of a selection of Unicode (utf-8) text archstrike
python2-hachoir-core 1.3.3 A library written in Python which allows to see and edit a binary files field per field. archstrike
python2-hachoir-metadata 1.3.3 A tool to extract metadata from multimedia files. archstrike
python2-hachoir-parser 1.3.4 Most common file format parsers written using hachoir-core. archstrike
python2-hgapi 1.7.4 hgapi is a pure-Python API to Mercurial, that uses the command-line interface instead of the internal Mercurial API. archstrike
python2-humanfriendly 4.16.1 Human-friendly output for text interfaces using Python archstrike
python2-idstools 0.6.3 A collection of Python libraries for working with IDS systems (typically Snort and Suricata). archstrike
python2-image 1.5.27 Django application that provides cropping, resizing, thumbnailing, overlays and masking for images and videos with the ability to set the center of attention, archstrike
python2-instagram-git 20180102.r233 Instagram api library for python. archstrike
python2-instalooter 2.0.0 A program that can download any picture or video associated from an Instagram profile archstrike
python2-intervaltree 3.0.2 Editable interval tree data structure for Python 2 and 3 archstrike
python2-iptools 0.7.0 Python utilites for manipulating IPv4 and IPv6 addresses archstrike
python2-ipy 0.83 Class and tools for handling of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks. archstrike
python2-ishell 0.1.4 Build Interactive Shells with Python archstrike
python2-js2py 0.63 Fast javascript parser (based on esprima.js) archstrike
python2-lem-git 0.3.2.r1.ga38bb1d7 Linux Exploit Mapper correlates CVEs local to a Linux system with known exploits archstrike
python2-libnmap 0.7.0 Python NMAP library enabling you to start async nmap tasks, parse and compare/diff scan results archstrike
python2-libtaxii 1.1.113 TAXII Library. archstrike
python2-linkedin 0.1.5 A Python Library to interface with LinkedIn API, OAuth and JSON responses archstrike
python2-logutils 0.3.5 Logging utilities archstrike
python2-maec An API for parsing and creating MAEC content. archstrike
python2-memorpy-git 20170523.r63 Python library using ctypes to search/edit windows/linux/OSX/SunOS programs memory. archstrike
python2-miasm-git 20190130.r3119 A Reverse engineering framework in Python archstrike
python2-mixbox 1.0.3 Utility library for cybox, maec, and stix packages archstrike
python2-mmh3 2.5.1 Python wrapper for MurmurHash (MurmurHash3), a set of fast and robust hash functions. archstrike
python2-modbus_tk 0.5.11 Implementation of modbus protocol in python archstrike
python2-multipartposthandler 0.1.0 A handler for urllib2 to enable multipart form uploading archstrike

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